Monday, August 11, 2008

Jasmine celebrated her 3rd birthday TWICE!

Jasmine had the first 3rd birthday at KFC near our house. The celebration was among all family members namely her Ah Kong, Ah Ma, grand Godma, grand auntie, my sisters and brother & his girlfriend Jess, and of course all the cousins.

Here's how happy she is with her Barney birthday cake self made to order by her.

Then we had the 2nd celebration for her at the nursery she is attnding since the maid crisis. It's called the Merryland. She was so excited with her 15 other classmates singing birthday song in 3 different languages for her. take a look:

Then she gave away party packs to her friends.

Happy Birthday darling princess Jasmine. May God bless you to be a healthy, pretty and witty gal!
Love mommy, daddy, daniel & dennis koko dan Juliana Cheh cheh!

And this is the slide show for remembrance of everyone who made her birthday celebration a meaningful one on 11 Aug 2008.


Creative B Bee said...

So great relatives all staying nearby. And sure fun celebrates BD in a class. Too bad my boys not celebrate their bd in school at all ha ha.(my dd not school yet).

karenyiau said...

Happy belated birthday to Jasmine. Wow she looks so happy :D

Dillon is also turning 3 this Dec, he is not attending kindergarten yet so I'm still thinking if I should throw a party for him, maybe just small celebration with family.

Bengbeng said...

aiyo benghui has nobody to celebrate his birthday with him. jasmine is so lucky. happy birthday to her. actually benghui is quite a lonely kid i think when i compare with a family like yrs with its extended network

renet13 said...

i always want my kids to have happy childhood and make their birthdays a memorable one til 7 yrs old. Once they are 7 and above , the thrill to celebrate will be less. then that time can space out or have less extravagant bdays.

Blessed mum said...

Happy birthday Princess Jasmine! May God shower you with abundance of joy, happiness and good health!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Happy birthday Jasmine. My Sherilyn has a similar headband, but white in color!

Shannon's Mummy said...

Wow Wow.. Nice Birthday Party. Kids just love that! :P