Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Gosh, tick tock tick tock..time flies and waits for no one.

It's already more than 1 month since my "betrayor" maid left and I've been on unpay leave since then.

I must say I'm enjoying every moment with my kids now.

They can be good helpers at times with my housechores but at times i do receive whinning "Why do I have to do all the work?". But here is one little volunteer who always melts mommy's heart with her kind offer to help compared to her elder sister

Now mommy not working she got more time to take us go tp playgrounds in the evening. Different playground each time. Also can feed fish at different ponds. Not bad huh?

The smiley and frown system

So far the reward system of smileys and frown is working. I keep a score board to see who is the champion each week with the most number of smileys. The reward may be only RM1-2 ringgit but it's something they like like candies, sticker or anything which they can pick from the store. They understand that mommy is not working and cant afford expensive rewards for them. Thank God they are understanding about that. It's fun to see how competitive they are in order to get more smileys.

Twins more organised and finish their homewrok before they reach home

Now that my 9 year old twins are at the after school care centre, I noticed their homework are more organised. At least by the time they get back for dinner, their work has been cleared with the help of 5 teachers at the centre. One for bahasa Malaysia, one for Maths Chinese and English, 1 for Science Chinese and English, one for solely Chinese and one for English subject. I can see they are more discipline with their work, too. Although sometimes still as playful and lazeeee. Cant help it!

my gals cry less now when I send them to the nursery
My two gals seem to be enjoying the nursery more. Less crying in the mornings because I promise to pick them up early at 4pm instead of 6pm. I may have to pick them at 6pm if I go back to work later.

Quit or not to Quit??
Currently enjoying the SAHM routine, I kind of having the dilemma whether to quit or not to quit my 4 figure income fulltime job. I'm still stuck with a housing loan. If I quit, financially will be very tight to adjust here and there. The bonus is of course I have more time to do things for my family.

No steady work means no steady income. Right now I can still rely on my partime job here and there on certain days but the income fluctuates and not steady lor.

Appreciate opinions from those of you who have been through this phase in life. Making the crucial decision to be a SAHM quitting a good job to be with your family.


Leona said...

I guess that's every mother's dilemma...I'd consider quiting my full time job if my blogging can earn about the same or higher. Working on it :P

otr tyre said...

Yes. Indeed is every mother's dilemma. Is hard to have both things in hand, time for your twin children is more important than anything else.

hoping the best of all.

Ling That's Me said...

some mothers cannot stay at home to take care of kids bcuz they would prefer to work.
if ur hubby can support, why not since you enjoy ur SAHM status now? :)

renet13 said...

unfortunately i dont earn frm blogging and dnt knw hw.

renet13 said...

Thanks all for the feedback. That's why this unpay leave period will really make me try out things and exlore into options and weigh the pros and cons. I guess the final decision will not be me alone but also with hubby.

Laura1318 said...

This recent article may interest you.It is your choice to be or not to be according to your needs.

If your husband earns enough,then you should afford to be SAHM. You may have to downgrade your lifestyle but you have to consider which is more important in your life, your children or your career?

Mummy to QiQi said...

for me, there is no way to get best of both world so some sacrifice must be done. however it is up to each people to weight the pros and cons. how about increase your part time job assignment?

*if there is a will, there is a way*