Sunday, August 24, 2008

great and bzee weekend again...PART1

Today is Sunday..the last day of school holiday. A busy weekend for mommy and daddy.

Early morning mommy oredi kacau(disturbed) and woke us up because kor kor got taekwando. Daniel (1st twin) helped Jasmine mei mei to dress up while Dennis (2nd twin) helped me (Juliana) to fashion up.

Look at the different style of dressing by both my kor kor.
One has got fashion taste like mommy:

While the other having plain fashion sense like daddy:

After sending twin kor kor Daniel & Dennis to taekwando, daddy and mommy took Jasmine meh meh & me (Juliana) to our favourite weekend shopping mall the Jaya Jusco.

So long didnt go Jaya Jusco because our past weekends were occupied with house cleaning and other errands. So today, mommy went to Sinma Jewellery to buy mei mei and I some clip and hair accessories. Then daddy stopped by the PADINI store. Mommy loved the brown wall background and asked us to stood by it to take pictures. But my mei mei refused. I love posing so I obliged mommy and started modelling for her camera...

Here's the Kecik Mayong Model to be...

How's my posing?Vain or got chance to be SUPERModer? (daddy no comments!!)

Dont miss out on my weekend story Part 2 after this. Stay tune.

Reporter (who may turn supermodel one day (AHem)) :
Juliana Yeoh


Shannon's Mummy said...

Wow! You really know how to strike a pose! ;p

renet13 said...

Hi Sannon's mommy,
mayb I'm like mommy like to gaya one lor!