Friday, August 22, 2008

First Time in my life..making BREAD or is it rock bun??

This school holidays mommy very busy trying to keep up with us and yet wanted to keep us happy.

So she tried to make something which she has not ever done before...Making we love to eat bread. It's healthy.

Mommy bought the bread mix flour from Cold Storage that just need to add water. As simple as that!

Wanting to add more ingredients to the bread of her creation, mommy added raisins and sunflower seeds.

This is how the mini bread turned out to be.....

Looks yummy?? It was indeed crunchy outside and moderately soft inside. Italian flavour, too.

Mommy may be next time try the plain flavour one instead of the Italian flavour which tasted a bit weird..we are Malaysians mah!

For a first timer..not bad lah. At least can feed us for dinner already..tastes yummy to eat with VONO chicken and mushroom soup.

Cannot complain much or else next time eat ROCK only. He He.


Anonymous said...

good try! at least, i think it goes pretty well with the mushroom soup!

Creative B Bee said...

Good try! Hmmm...I defenitely don't have those 'kitchen hobby". If not neccesary I'll not go in kitchen kekeke. Too bad hor!

Jacss said... least yr 'rock bun' is u said, for 1st timer it was ok already!!
btw, do check out this site for more info on bento :

btw, thks for visiting....

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh no...your food is making me really hungry :)