Saturday, August 30, 2008

Breastfeeding Positions

To me , breastfeeding my twin boys since birth till they are 2 years old WITHOUT FORMULA is my biggest motherhood achievement for them. Not easy but not impossible either with strong determination and skill to put stress at bay.

It's a pity that during that time (9 years ago) I haven't got a digital camera yet. So I have to re-take these old photos using my camera phone thus the image is definitely not so sharp.

Here's my most memorable moment with them:
Using the American football position (Head to head, both legs out)

At times, i use my own "Half american Football" position where one of the twin's leg is facing inward instead of both twins head to head:

Sometimes when one is sleeping while another wants feed, I feed one at a time:

What is your most memorable breastfeeding moment and favourite position to latch them on?


Blessed mum said...

I only have 1 so, u know the position...

I always wonder what other mommies does with the milk flowing out from the other breast..

aiyo, seeing these photos,..don't know how to describe the feelings...its beautiful..

Agnes Chan said...

it's so amazing... it assured me that "mother" is a perfect creature in earth!!!! and i salute u!!!! 2 years is indeed long enough and u got twins somemore... wonder how you "make sure" the milk supply is sufficient throughout the years?

hehehee, i stopped BF chloe when she turned 6 mths... paiseh...

wen said...

u hv 4 kids and managed to bf ur TWINS for 2 yrs, that i salute you!!! good job!!!!

renet13 said...

Blessed mum,
That's why I feed both at the same worryies about the milk flowing frm the other nipple LOL. But when I feed one..I usually put a container long one to support my breats below while it drips or if I'm out in the public, I compress it with handkerchief.

Hi Agnes,
Thks for your comments.
Dont feel pai seh..try it when you have your next one. I'm more than willing to help you as I'm in the breasfeeding support group and offer advice to mothers who are breastfeeding.

The key to success is determination, strong will, early preparation & reading before delivery..the more you feed the more supply you have ..that's why i dont want to supplemet with formula or else the gap will reduce my milk during the exclusive breastfeeding periofd of 6 months. Once they start solid..dont need so much liao.

At least you did it for 6 months which is what is least 6 months. Some 2 weeks oso give up oredi.

You take care & stay beautiful.

i truly believe God has made it such a way that mother's milk are meant for their newborn. It's a natural thing since caveman time..last time where got formula? But human factor of ignorence, environmental factor and stress has cause it to become unnatural. I i can brestfeed my twins I believe it should be much much easier for moms with singletons. Dont you agree?

Valtay said...

Breastfeeding twins for 2 yrs is an amazing feat! Hats off to you! I only managed 6 mths for my first baby (and not fully breastfed) and working full time. After that I resolved to do better. So for my 2nd and third child, I managed to fully breastfeed them for 8 mths while working full time (so there was the trouble of expressing at the office). For the 4th child, she was 4mth old when I became full time mom - so it was much easier to breastfeed her till 8 mths as well.
Like Renet13, when at home I use a milk bottle to catch the drips, and while out I use breastpads and an arm over it to compress.