Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great and bzee weekend again...PART 2

After Jaya Jusco, daddy got a call from a golfer fren asking him to go golfing at The Clearwater Sanctuary Batu Gajah. Daddy wouldn't miss the chance. He asked mommy whether we wanted to follow of stay home. Guess what mommy say???

Of course YES lor.

Otherwise where got chance to have lunch at the poolside (we had mini burgers, mom had mee rebus and dad had fried kueh tiaw). We also enjoyed great fun at the KINGFISHER KIDS FUN CLUB. The pictures here say it all:

Got so many indoor games and accessories to play.

Giant indoor pirate ship & slide

Colourful Ball pool

Giant Lego set

Ladybird swing


play kitchen

computer games

Bed to sleep

No swimming though because all 4 of us got running nose and cough. There was also a mini fun fair outdoor. Aiyah mommy forgot to take pictures. Daniel & Dennis Kor Kor won 2 toys from playing the "rolling the ping pong" game. It's a bubble set and a ping pong set.

Reported by : Juliana Yeoh


Agnes Chan said...

wah!!!!! so much FUN!!! so ENJOY!!!... im kinda admired u since u got so 4 beautiful kids!!!! so GOOD... hmmmm... and it must be tiring by raising them up?

renet13 said...

Thanks Agnes for the compliments. I owe the credit to my family and my hubby's family genes.
U are can be pretty exhausting to raise them espcially when all 4 are hyperactive and stubborn at times. Like to fight and ting kheng ...but the joy is priceless! U too got a cute and adorable ger smart some more! GOD create each unique person and beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.
Thnks for dropping bye. U take care.