Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So touched by what Daniel wrote in his diary...

2 days ago when I was waking up Daniel as usual, I stumbled upon his diary beside his pillow that read " When mommy and daddy no longer with us, go to "" and click ENTER. Then we can recall all the memories of time we spent together."

I was speechless and teary for a moment. I related this to my hubby and told him "You see, your elder twin (9yrs old) understood that mommy has created this blog as a legacy for the 4 of them.

My wish is to create 3 more blogs individually for the twins and each of the girls...if I have the TIME! I really admire bloggers like Blessed mum for having the patience and time to do so for each of her kids (Rachel, Charmaine & baby Nicholas).

What is the purpose you are blogging? For fun, for earning money from advertisement, for leaving a legacy like me or ...?


Creative B Bee said...

Soooo...touched!!!How sweet your boy.

Mummy to QiQi said...

i feel that a blog for d whole family is better for them to read compare to individual blogs :) one reason y i bought my own domain.

Alicia said...

its reli good to blog for ur children.... we have created blogs for both samuel n jesse but it is still very empty hehehe.... i think we will stick to 1 blog at tis time

renet13 said...

The pro for blogging individually for them is they can maintain it later by themselves.
The con now is too much work and time and I may have forgotten so many things about them when i try to recall their baby days.

of course i agree with Chinee that blogging one family blog is much easier to maintain & easier for everyone to read.

See firstlah how things for and depends on my mood and time. ha Ha

Mommy to Chumsy said... touching indeed. err...i blog for fun initially and now for money as well...hehehheeh

Shannon's Mummy said...

yup.. your boy so sweet... ;)

I did for my girl and got really useful when we relocated in France.