Friday, August 22, 2008

School holiday...took family to photo studio for family potrait


Daddy on leave also today. Mommy has earlier signed up for family photos at the OSCAR digital photo studio in Ipoh Garden south. Grandma & Grandpa also included.

We were at the studio half an hour earlier as the clouds were turning grey. We hope not to get caught in the rain.

The studio auntie make up for each of us (ladies and girls only) and also for our twin koko. Look at the transformation here.

Oscar studio was having their roadshow at TESCO Ipoh sometime in April. Imagine now only mommy got time to take us to the studio. The validity is 6 months from signing up. It is very cheap and reasonable price of RM88 only.

The package includes 20 studio shots and 5 free 4r and 1 10R photos to choose from the 20 pictures taken. Must admit it was a real challenge for the studio camera KoKo to take our kiddies pictures especially we two girls. We were moody in between the shooting coz we were hungry. Had late breakfast though.

Daddy wanted to wear his own clothes and be natural but the studio aunty said better to wear coat to match the whole package.

We were only allowed to take photos outside the dark photo session room (the make up and changing lobby). Once we were inside the shooting area, no cameras were allowed. 20 poses with 3 different background. The camera KoKO was sure very patient with us.

Mommy and daddy will come back to choose the photos in 2days time. Then mommy will try post the pictures here if she can re take from her camera.


GarGies said...

tht's nice. your hubby is such a sweetie. when i told my hubby earlier that I want to take family picture, he said no need to go studio la, just take those that we have taken from our own digital camera woh..

kiamsiap fella.

renet13 said...

Next time you survey first, check the pricing, sign up then tell him."I signed up oredi ..I couldn't reach you to tell you earlier! Make sure everyone has enough sleep and well fed before the photo session. That's a lesson to learn if u dont want turmoil during the photo session.

Creative B Bee said...

So jealous you can have family potrait take from studio. Can't wait to see yr photos here.
My case same as "gargies". Its reasonable for me because my 3 kids not easy to handle one leh!!

liteng said...

so cool!! i wish to take studio photos too... still waiting for the right time to come...

Charmaine Sim said...

hey..u look like u have 2 sets of twins there! they are so beautiful and handsome!

pc said...

can't wait to see your family potrait. must be very xinfu~!^_^

Jacss said...

d studio photography is a good memory to cherish in d future...
yr 2 girls also look like twins...haha and twins koko looked so cool & gaya!!
no more shots to show off ah...??

Shannon's Mummy said...

hmm.. feel so jealous... hehehehe

Awaiting for the photos to be upload!