Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little Jasmine's birthday coming soon 11 August

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to Jasmine,
we all here love you!

We just planning to have a little family gathering and makan with grandparents, my sisters and brother, and God auntie & 4th auntie at the KFC.

Dont intend to make a big do as she has a great one at Marybrown last year, bearing in mind mommy got to "jimat" a bit(less spendthrift) at this moment in time. However, we will still have the traditional birthday cake order for her. Jasmine chose a Barney cake for herself and insisted that Barney should be holding a bunch of balloons.

Will put the photos on the blog later.Meanwhile Jasmine is preparing her party packs:

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karenyiau said...

Aww.... my son loves Barney too :) Please hare with us the cake & where you got it then. :D