Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Twins finally got their taekwondo badges!

Yesterday my twin boys came back from their Taekwondo class and excitedly exclaimed "Mommy mommy..please sew these badges onto our taekwondo baju (uniform).

They finally got the badge from their Master after successfully attending their lessons for about 2 months now.

At least they found something they like. Tried enrolling them for MUSIC (Bethoven??) when they were 3 yrs old but they both went and hid behind the piano. They aren't music inclined. Signed them up for ART class. Attended for 1 year but never see them doing a nice painting or crayon coloring the way the Art teacher taught them. However , they enjoy drawing cartoon strips and make comic story books.

Sigh! Sigh!
I don't mean to push them but trying to develope their Right brain.

Do yo have problems trying to indulge your kids in something? How's the outcome?


Charmaine Sim said...

congrats to them!

no problem as of now...will asked them what they wanted to do before enrolling and told them that once u embark onto something, u have to keep on with it no matter how tough the road leads.

Bengbeng said...

benghui's tastes change with time. i have a key board an expensive one gathering dust somewhere in the house n lots of other stuff :(
tae kwon do is a great sport for learning discipline