Thursday, August 7, 2008

I win again! Nesvita contest

Each time there is a "WE MISS U" card hanging at the gate by the courier company, my heart gets very excited and deep inside I knew something good is awaiting me. Normally it would be a parcel or a letter congratulating me for winning a contest.

Yesterday I received a Nationwide courier parcel from K.L. When i open it, here's the letter that congratulated me for winning 1 out of 20 consolation prize of Jusco RM100 voucher. Not too bad as I only miss out the Grand prize.

Thank you Nestle for organising this NESVITA contest in conjunction with JUSCO promotion.

You all should try this NESVITA soya bean. The taste is nice with a few variety of honey,Aloe Vera and Calcium. Not to "angkat" (lift) NESTLE but honestly I've been taking this drink even before there was a contest.


Creative B Bee said...

You really BOLEH always win prize! Keep enjoying SAHM life!!!

mumsgather said...

Oh I love contests too. Even if I don't win, the anticipation of winning is so much fun. Hahaha.