Saturday, December 22, 2007

Princess Diary Part 1

Early this month Jusco had a Disney Royal Makeover promotion in Ipoh.
The condition is to purchase from Jusco or its tenant worth RM30. Then customers are entitled to have their child to make up and dress up in their favourite choice of princess/prince outfit.They also gotta the chance to keep 1 photo out of the 4 photo shots taken by the organiser's photgraphers.

I was lucky to get the 39th& 40th place in the long queue after queing up half an hour early for the registration as it was a first come first serve basis and the quota was 40 customers each day.

The girls had great time dressing up, make up and parading on the castle stage decorated with Xmas trees and castle background.

Thank you Disney & Jusco for organising such least I got to take a whole collection of nice photos without hurting my pocket going to the studio.
Wat to do...poor mummy of four gotto jimat a bit.

Hope on here for the Princesses Diary Part 2


Samm said...

Was there a few days back. Saw the whole stage thingy but no idea wtf it's for. So pretty your gals. Mine wont sit still, lol. And no. i close shop di :P.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Congrats on your new blog! Your gals are adorable! I doubt my gals will sit still and want to be dolled up like this!

renet13 said...

my girls love to look beautiful.
as long as i was there with them, it was ok.
They are lucky to have Kakak who loves to doll them up at home. that's why they don't mind sitting there to look pretty..maybe u can say they are vainpots.