Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My 2 days ago - Sunday 16 Nov 2008

Went to Kpg Simee market to buy the chee cheong fun that i like: lots of dark mushroom gravy instead of the Canning garden one.RM1.50 for small. RM2.00 for big.

The beancurd skin crunchy (chau liew) to go with it.

They also have the "stuffed chee cheong fun" with turnip inside.I dont fancy that.

The famous Egg Tart Stall.

See the almost empty tray? selling like hot cakes.
I was lucky to grab the last 4 egg tarts . The rest were reserved. Cost : RM1.10 each. They also have Char siew tart (BBQ pork tarts), BBQ Chicken tarts, coconut tarts, etc.

Other scenes near the market.

Indon selling big crabs RM15 per KG

famous siew yook (roasted pig)

Afternoon- Birthday lunch at cousin Yi Wern's party

Dinner: Mommy's cooking- Tomato sauce Pork chop, French Beans with fried egg, Canned Pickled Vege Soup.


Angeline said...

aiyo! I want to complain! Everytime I come to your blog, I get hungry, how to stay slim like that, huh???!

jazzmint said...

aiyer...you make me feel like eating mushroom chu cheong fun

Tammy said...

You're making me hungry! ;o)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh the crunchy beancurd one is my favourite!!! can't get them in KL. my mil usually buy them near the Tuck Kee restaurant in Pasir puteh :D

Bengbeng said...

u probablt think i am kidding but i wanted to see the chee cheong fun sauce very much :(

wat is dark mushroom gravy or canning garden one/

3lilangels said...

Looking at your makan posts really made me wanna pay Ipoh a visit... drool...

huisia said...

chee cheong fun, woo, i like it and feel like wanting it now :)

keep my fingers crossed, hope can go back to MY soon.

renet13 said...

Angie ..treat my blog as a self discipline to refrain frm food blog.

Tammy..dont drool ok.

Mommy to chumsy..i frequent that TAi Shue Kiok (near Tuck kee) almost alternate days. Tuck kee siew yook is awesome.

Hui Sia..wold be nice if u could be back esp during Chinese New Year..all food stalls will definitely be opened but more expensive then.

Beng..come to Ipoh, West Malaysia..will take u go see the sauce..see oni huh..u're on diet rmber?
The dark mushroom gravy (tung ku chap) is darker than most other mushroom shop at other stall. The canning Garden one is another famous chee cheong fun stall near my place but the gravy too starchy & not so dark in colour.

3lilangels..come lah..control your salive. u can visit 100 yen shop in Ipoh, too.

renet13 said...

jazzmint..what are u waiting for? pamper your tastebuds.

agnes said...

i love egg tarts!!!! yummy