Saturday, November 22, 2008


Saturday 22 Nov 2008

The kids had mom's American Breakfast for breakfast (coctail sausages, wedges, fried egg & bread).

Then they went to change clothes. Guess what? I was surprised that they all came out with their own fashion idea of "all wearing blue Stripes today. For the fun of it mommy joined them but daddy didnt coz he didnt have a blue stripe shirt. He instead commented "U all look like prisoners in jail" So bad hoh?

The kids even made diffrent expressions for mommy's camera:

Happy & laughing mood




"Children, you all can really cheer mommy up when all of u are in good mood ..not on the days when u all take turn throwing tantrums & driving me up the dinding(wall)!"

The boys were at tuition, so mommy 'Ta Pau' (take away) their favourite Chicken Rice and added some green vege for them. Daddy had Mee Jawa, mommy had "kai si Hor Fun (Chicken Kueh tiaw)while the girls had chee cheong fun.

Mommy & daddy dropped the kids at God Granny's house while they two "pak toh" (dating). We had a good time playing with computer games.

They went to Ipoh Parade where there is currently a Thai Fair till end of December 08.
First they went for a 1.5 hour Thai massage side by side in a room (so that mommy can monitor daddy (Ha Ha!). The massage centre in at Ipoh Parade Parkson Grand building.
The massage session started with a feet soaking in salt like this:

Then the massage........ photos pf course..private mah!

After massage, mommy & daddy went to eat the Thai "lemak Laksa" & the mango Pulut(glutinous rice). (Sorry no close up photo so that your saliva wont drool)

Then they did a bit of Thai shopping.

Mommy bought a handmade necklace (RM15 after bargain) from this Thai uncle who handmade all his accessories sold in his stall here:

Pretty arent they?

Then they went to Sushi King to have their 2nd round of dinner. Since it was Salmon Fair..they also tried the Garlic Salmon Fried Rice. Mom thinks it was very plain & tasteless until she added wasabi & the sweet soy sauce.

After dinner & the good time both of them have , they picked us up and we went home for "Family Time". We had the Thai snacks that mommy & daddy bought from the Thai Fair & we watched NARNIA..Prince Caspian.

What a wonderful Saturday we all had.


Bengbeng said...

it seems like a long time before i will b pampered like a daddy. i have so many more yrs before the kid earns a living. until then cannot simply spend lah :)

Jacss said...

u know always put a smile on me after seeing yr happy family!! bet yr many kids' smiles & laughters surely cheer you up all d time!! thigh ooh...!!! nice of d god parents u a good time courting!!

wen said...

i like the photo where kor kor hugs sister! very loving kor kor indeed!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahh...the stripey four kids are so cute...with matching colours too :D

BongFlo said...

hi irene! it is so nice to see a happy picture of you and the kids. very beautiful, your children. it is always nice to see pictures of happy children, it kinda uplifts me in a way. here's wishing you, your husband and your children a truly blessed and peaceful holidays this december. ciao!

Big Pumpkin said...

Wow! Congratulations!!! You have four kids!!! *salute*