Monday, November 3, 2008

Homey Sunday!

Sunday Nov 2, 2008

We did not go anywhere on Sunday. Just stay home to help mommy & daddy with house chores.

We started our chores after breakfast:

"Mun" Egg Noodle with bittergourd & oyster sauce Chicken

Lobak with Thai Fried Rice

Afernoon after the heavy breakfast, mommy steamed some "COLOURFUL APOM' for us:

1 packet of APOM flour
150 ml water or full cream milk or orange juice
2 Grade A eggs

Beat the egg intil smooth,
add in APOM flour and mix thouroughly.
Add the water/milk or orange juice

Once the mixture is smooth, pour out into paper cups on aluminium containers or baking utensils.

Add your favourite colourings.

Steam for about 15-20 minutes. In between the steaming period, remember to make "X" cut in the middle of the APOM .

It's that simple.

What's cooking for dinner?
Nasi Lemak Combo

(For KIDS)


Mom used pandan green paste to add a greeny tinge to the rice cooked with coconut milk. (Cant really see in the picture due to the lighting)

She then prepared the "Ayam Masak Merah" , Stir Fried Spinach (to make us eat vege again!), Fried Groundnuts, & ABC soup for the little gals who cant take spicy food.

A closed up pic of the Ayam Masak Merah

After dinner, mommy prepared our "recess pack" for school tomorrow.

A variety of food inspiration frm bento bloggers:
steamed corn withn butter& salt,black raisins, steam OBOROTSUKI (stuffed fish roll), and hamburger sandwich, tomata sauce & mayonaise plus a complimentary SUGUS sweet.





What do you think of Mommy's first attempt of.....err can she name it bento?


Blessed mum said...

such coincidence! We had home-cooked nasi Lemak too on Sunday!

the bento looks great for 1st timer

Wonderful Life said...

Hi, first time hopping by your blog. The first attempt bento looks good! Can join in the bento craze already... hehe.

mumsgather said...

Where do you get APOM floor may I ask? Your slides look so good. I wanna try it too. Hehe.

angeline said...

aiyo! your nasi lemak combo looks OFFENSIVELY delicious! I'm drooling!

renet13 said...

blessed mum & wonderful life,
Really pai seh to even call it abento coz i read in one serious blooger blog that there are certain criteria to meet to classify your bento a BENTO! ha ha!

i bought the Apom flour frm the cakes & confectionery shop..the wholesale baking stuff shop. there are a few here in Ipoh. Or alternatively u can buy the FATT KO flour frm TESCO> Goodluck!

actually ah the ayam masak merah i cincai goreng & play play modifying all the spices coz i dnt have all the stock at home..but lucky quite wallap all!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhhhh....again you are making me so hungry. you are incredible lah...cook so many things in a day :D

renet13 said...

No choice begins at home..nid to kip those hungry fellas' tummy satisfied & full.

huisia said...

wow, you really can cook:)

jacss said...

that's a great job irene for yr 1st bento...way to go!!
looks like cooking is a big job for u during d many headcount to feed, really no joke!!

renet13 said...

Jacs, thks for the encouragement.

i can cook edible food but taste wise..subject to food critics ha ha!