Wednesday, November 5, 2008

went Hunting for Ipoh Famous Kaya Kok....fruitful mission!

After reading some comments in a non Ipoh blogger's post (sorry cant recall who exactly..please reveal yourself)recently about how good Ipoh kaya kok is..really put me to shame. I was bred, born & multiplied here in the Pomelo & Bougainvilia City yet not knwing it's famous for puffy, fresh warmly baked Kaya Kok..besides the famous Nga choy Kai (Chicken & taugeh).

So I decided to take up the challenge to ask around. All i knew was there were a few KAYA kok stalls or shops around town me they all taste "Nothing special" until finally majority of the people I asked, told me to go to this shop with the following address:
No 64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri (jalan Clare),
30300 Ipoh.

Elaine Ng 012-4534596 or o5-2439659

Better call to order. U may need to wait if there are not enough fresh supply on the spot.

In the shop, I saw this uncle & auntie making fresh Kaya KOK.

The pictures spoke for themselve I hope.

Besides, the shop also sells other variety of biscuits:

My goodness..the kaya kok is really puffy, warm & nice (though a bit too sweet for me). It's 60sen per piece. Enjoying some with my beloved hubby now in front of the idiot box (TV).

i bought 1box with 10 pieces to try & as "recess" food for my kids.

So the next time you drop by Ipoh, make sure u don't miss it. It's somewhere near the famous "LO WONG NGA CHOY KAI".


Tammy said...

Those look delicious!

Creative B Bee said...

Shame to tell you I totally can't remember where is the place even you share the add here. kekeke

BongFlo said...

hi renet! thanks for the visit. yeah, its true. i haven't been blogging lately because my mind's all messed up. there are a lot of things going throught it (my mind) right now. am just content at visiting friends blogs and peppering them with my comments. you are right in saying that i am a positive person or at least i'd like to think that way... TRUST is so very important in married life. i'd like to think that all the other elements of marriage revolves around this one important aspect. and i love my children so much they are all i have in life now. they are the one's keeping me around and helping me keep my sanity in this "hellhole". thanks so very much for your comments... if it is not so much to ask, i would like to request that you include me and my kids in your prayers. rest assured that i will do the same for you, your hubby and your kids. like eugene says... am learning and trying to be happy one day at a time. ciao!

much love,
bong florendo

p/s: would you like to exchange links?

Mummy Moon said...

yummy, I love to eat ka yang kok. by the way, I have a award for you.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

thank you thank you for posting this up. I have been wondering where this famous kaya kok shop is too. next time, i'll drop by. for a while there, i was trying to figure out where is Clare street. Sad eh?...Ipoh mali and forgotten about the street names *hangs my head down in shame*

hey, i heard that the egg tarts at Kg Simee market are really good. Have you tried them?

Daddy said...

Wow. Must definitely make a visit the next time I go back to Ipoh. Be going in a few weeks time..Yippeeee!

eugene said...

i guess it is one's man meat is another man's poison kind of thing,usually i wont go to the so called famous outlet for foods, my adventure is always go to the unknown but good foods then tell my fellow friends about it,, that to me is and adventure hahahaha

Alicia said...

hmm looks has been ages since i had one....very very long time ago... probably wen i was a kid until i have forgotten about wat is kaya kok hahahah

Bengbeng said...

must try it when I am in West Malaysia. abt the tags, i owe u so many oledi. i dont know how i will b able to do it all :) I owe so many people so many I cant remember all oledi :)

Angeline said...

you sound REALLY excited! *laugh* like a professional promoter for them... *laugh* must be REAL good!

renet13 said...

Mommy to chumsy,
Clare street is near the old 8 kok theng n one of the roads near the Lou Wong Nga choy kai & the famous Funny Snow mountain tau fu fah.

Yes i nw where the egg tarts are the Kg Simee market..very nice indeed.

MeRy said...

I never been to Ipoh...all the biscuits looks yummy.

Yuan said...

this kaya ko is very famous in the Ipoh,when my colleauge outstation go to Ipoh, our whole office never miss to order this... really yummy yummy

BongFlo said...

hi! thanks so much for the visit and the comments... correct me if i am wrong, you wanted to see a picture of my wife? ok, i'll just post it one of these days. i try to stay positive in a way and i try to look for reasons why all these has to happen to me. it is true what you said that things happen for a reason and sometimes God makes us see the bad things just so we will open our eyes to see all the beauty behind. "WHERE REASON ENDS, FAITH BEGINS" btw, i'm a taurean too, may 7. thanks friend. ciao!

Creative B Bee said...

Hi! Irene forgot to tel I know a very famous Kaya Kok is bread shop facing of the Kampar Bus Station. But this is not in Ipoh already lah.
Wow! Looks like lots of blogger are Ipoh mali yah!

Andrea said...

Nice post, I definitely will go back Ipoh and try for it next time. I think I passed by this shop before, but never really notice about it. It looks like it's for tourists... hehe. it's a good source to write about on my ipoh website. thanks for recommending!