Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's cooking on a slumber Saturday?

...continued from previous post.

While the kiddies were sleeping, mommy happily prepared & cooked dinner for them.

Their favourite simple & economical dishes with dessert:

3 simple dishes with fruit dessert

Fish roll & fish cakes with tomato sauce, chilly sauce & mayonaise for dipping

Oyster sauce taufu with minced chicken burger

Crunchy Beansprout with cuttlefish strips & sesame oil

Mommy made this Mint Leave & Egg soup for herself to clear her tummy wind as her tummy isnt feeling too good.

Dessert for the night: sweet crunchy persimmons

How's the food? Ask my panel of verdict:

Guess the amount mommy spent for the above dishes & dessert....less than RM10.

Happy Saturday evryone..enjoy your Sunday!


Bengbeng said...

no kidding. i would like to know how u cook egg soup with mint

Ling That's Me said...

RM10 only ??!! that's cheap leh!

jazzmint said...

wahh..i also cook food today haha

renet13 said...

ya lor..went to the big market in many stalls..competitive prices..moreover Govn has announce fuel prices & some provision prices dwn mah!

That's good to pamper the family tastebuds with homecook foor hor?

renet13 said...

Hope u can try ot the recipe that i've emailed to u..the mint leave with egg soup.
happy trying.

Mummy to QiQi said...

u can cook well ler!

Irene said...

wah, tats a ncie meal *tabik*

renet13 said...

belum cuba, belum tahu..mayb camera trick oni.

renet13 said...

Like i told irene, dnt let the camera trick ur eyes & stimulate ur taste buds..u havent tasted d food leh..who knws ada gaya tiada rasa. LOL!

Alicia said...

wah so many dishes u cook... im sure ur kids n hubby enjoy it very much

renet13 said...

Alicia..even if they dnt enjoy, they may not dare to confess i think..takut afterwards momy mogok cooking..then daddy got to spend more eating outside. HE HE!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

woot!! so much food and less than rm10? incredible :D

jacss said...

it's really NO easy managing such a big family irene!! salute...

renet13 said...

thks Jacs.