Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a sicko Saturday & Sunday!!!!

Lately I've been hearing many people not feeling well but it also happen to my own family.

My 4 kids taking turn to get sick. First my 4 yr old Juliana started having cough and fever. She is OK now.
Then my 3 yr old Jasmine who had a relapse of fever despite completing her antibiotics. Then Daniel who complained of sorethroat also dwn with fever over the past few days. The antibiotics didnt seem to wrk..most likely it's viral attack. Then last night Dennis complained of headache & the temperature went up till this morning. Still nursing 3 out of 4 kids who are still having fever like yoyo.

Worse is when my beloved dad also complained that he was feeling breathless & thought his time is up. Darn!
My dad is a heart patient who had his mitral valve(heart valve)repaired more than 10 years ago. Echogram showed his good valve now also showing some signs of leakage despite the repaired one being OK. Dr. said his pulse rate is contantly low and may need a pacemaker to regulate his heartbeat in future . He looked very pale & doctor confirmed he is low with potasium in his blood and lack of blood and may need a blood transfusion. Currently he is admitted in Pantai Putri Medical Centre. He still gets breathless whenevr he exerts. Took all my kids to vist their Ah Kong. My little Jasmine even offered to stay overnight to be with his Ah Kong to look after him. They all said "Ah Kong take care & rest....get well soon!". Will buy you your favourite Canning Grdn chee cheong fun for breakfast tomorrow (Sunday) before we left last night after ak kong took his dinner.

I pray and hope all these sicko spell will go away real soon. Wishing my beloved dad & my kids a fast recovery coz my youngest sister's wedding is coming soon on my wedding anniversary on 21 Dec 2008.

Hope all of you have a great weekend. Take care of your love ones and enjoy every moment with them coz they are precious!

For those who are recuperating & get well soon!

Gotto go and buy chee cheong fun for dad & take mom to hospital now. Might not have time to blog.


Lucy Liew said...

Poor darlings. Now you're scaring me with your dad's symptoms. Anyway, for my case, 2nd worse case scenario, post operatively if the surgeon can't do anything for me, he'll bemedal with a pacemaker too. I haven't had anything done to my mitral valve.... yet... it's still prolapsed. Dr. will tackle the more severe symptom first before having to open me up again. Sigh. Hope your kids are on the mend.

Kristie said...

hope ur 4 kids will get well soon... and ur dad too, yes always cherish ur loves ones

Angeline said...

oh dear! hope everyone get well soooon.... you take care too!

Jacss said...

poor Irene....i read also felt tired for you!! thankfully u r strong, hence able to handle & take care of all the sickos at home..esp. yr dad!
hopefully yr wish will be granted "the sick spell..pls go away!"
speedy recovery everyone!!