Saturday, November 15, 2008

Very busy week for me the whole of last week...

It has been a very busy week whole of last week. Took family outstation for early/pre school holidays in the capital city of the country.

That explains why to Susan that there has not been updates for a while.

Thks Bro Bong for the lovely & rather personal tag which I'm not sure when i have time to do due to my very busy schedule these coming months.

Thks to all my faithful blogger frens who have been constantly visiting & posting comments . I appreciate it. Miss u guys & gals during my vacation & absence last week (I didnt have time to blog, too).

But now I'm back. Will try to find time to put up some postdated events.

Cheers & enjoy your precious weekends! Hang on there for more updates frm me.

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Angeline said...

had fun!? welcome back!