Saturday, November 15, 2008

Year end concert posts in Blogsphere.

I foresee that many proud mommies & daddies will be blogging on this Year end concert thingy around this time of the year. Very sure many would agree with me.
As a matter of fact, my 4 kids just had their's last night. It was indeed a KISS..(kept it simple & sweet).

My jasmine was the youngest in the 4 & 5 year old group (she is only 3 yrs but since she showed interest like her 4yr old cheh cheh..i encouraged her to join in with the teachers agreeing to that). Just moments before the show begun, she started to tear & cried. More so when she went up the stage crying for "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
I was right in front of her (she was at the front row next to her sister Juliana)signalling to her that "It's OK..mommy could see you clearly" and busy taking her pictures & video.

It was soooo cute to see her crying yet at the same time continueing her dance steps which she did very well without mistakes. It was like evrything was tuned..just like she showed me during rehersal at home except this time fully dressed up with the props & with make up on.

As the stage was dark with only discolights on, the video looks rather dim.
See if u could spot Jasmine dancing as she was crying calling for Mommy (left of the stage). Juliana cheh cheh was beside her (right of the stage)

Girls with farmer dance.

Happy Holidays Children now that school holidays are on.


Ling That's Me said...

I will not know how to blog my girl's graduation concert without any photos ! anyway, still another year to go. :P

jazzmint said... kelian, can cry and dance somemore LOL, but she still did it..bravo!!

jacss said...

ooh dear....jasmine was so cute, yes i saw her controlling her cry but d best part was she was struggling hard to finish the task i.e the dance, wat a good job!!

wen said...

wah, she is very talented leh. can dance and cry at the same time. even can remember her dancing steps and moves. but at least she didnt run down the stage. she is so cute la..hehe..

Angeline said...

oh my! I love that outfit!

3lilangels said...

Such adorable kids. It's always lovely to see kids dressing up and performing. Jasmine is so tiny compared to the rest, and she did very well. In fact, other than the photo, couldn't tell that she was crying.