Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shopping Sunday

Sunday 23Nov 2008

Morning Breakfast

Daniel & Dennis went for Taekwando after breakfast with mommy , daddy & sisters.
We all had a variety of food at a local coffeeshop. Mommy had Prawn Wan Ton Kwan Low Mee, Daddy & Dennis had nasi lemak while the girls, Daniel & 8 yr old cousin Yi Wern (the motivator for my kids to do housechores)had roti canai.

The Indian lady (or ex man) sells very good crispy VADEI, too besides delicious yummy nasi lemak & roti canai at the Ipoh Grden corner coffee shop next to the Shell petrol station.She used to be a HE but after a minor opt He became a she.

While the boys were at Taekwando, neighbour Auntie I offered to babysit the girls & showed them her newborn puppies(5 of them).

So mommy took the opportunity to do gardening, tidy up the lawn & the fish pond while daddy iron the clothes.

Afternoon lunch

We had lunch at one of the cofeeshop under a tree..the shop is named YUM YUM tree Coffee Shop at PasirPinji. The food was great. This was the same place we had lunch yesterday when the boys were at tuition. This time we noticed a Sago Ice stall outside the shop just below the tree. No idea why so many customers queing to but mommy also joined the crowd to order 1 bowl jst to try out.

Emmm looks tempting but mommy didnt find the taste any special..just basically starch in syrup!!

After lunch we proceed to TESCO to buy groceries & dinner stuff for mom to cook.

Here's what we have for dinner:

1) Baked beans with fried egg & cheese,

2)) Nescafe Chicken

3) Vegetarian drumstick

4) Tomato, Potato & Anchovies Soup


little prince's mummy said...

Yummy food wor.. hungry hungry

Mummy Moon said...

Your place there got a lot nice local food....

Tammy said...

I'm so hungry now!

3lilangels said...

drooling away.....

Angeline said...

aiyo! I should stop visiting you at such times (2.30am) cos' your food photos always make me hungry! see?! I just popped in another Rocher chocolate! snacking at this time is way to bad for health man.... *laugh*

Daddy said...

Haha. I'm going back to Ipoh this weekend. Yippeee! Glorious food, here I come

Bengbeng said...

at first i was wondering wat the semangkuk dish was...some exotic food i never heard of..until i realized it meant : a bowl hahahahahahaha

huisia said...

Nescafe chicken?? Wow, such a special dish. :)

Mommy to Chumsy said... delicious!!! i really miss that sago thingy. used to have that when i was kid :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

First time seeing Nescafe chicken. HOw do you cook it?

renet13 said...

Actually I dnt have any's just my own idea of marinating the chicken meat with some Nescafe powder (about 1 tsp..dpends on your choice.since my kids taking it so I reduce the amount), corn flour, a bit of kicap manis, soya sauce & woushester sauce, brwn sugar & pepper ..then just saute in garlic & shallots..add water to get the chap.Simmer until it's cook. That's all.