Wednesday, November 19, 2008

contest winnings

1) Collected my 2 tickets from the High 5 Bread agent in Ipoh. They are 2 complimentary tickets worth RM 10 for a package which includes:
*High5 BreadTown Entrance Ticket
*Admission to all attractions (14 themes)
Free 1 special goodie bag with 2 items each
*Free in-house tour guide.

As per my ambitious plan in my previous post, 4 other couples will be joining me to this Breadtown. Really looking forward to it.

2) Took my 4 kids for the High School Musical -Senior Year movie at TGV cinema last Sunday.

I won 4 complimentary tickets from the Vitagen Muscial Holiday contest 2008. The show was good. I enjoyed just as much as my kids did. Very inspiring, romantic & entertaining. If u havent seen the show in movie theatre or intend to get the CD, here's the preview:


Tammy said...

Congratulations! My niece loves HSM.

Angeline said...

You are one lucky MOm! Winning 4 complimentary tickets?! Wow!

Creative B Bee said...

Wah! You really 'sibuk' to win this and that ha ha!!! Congrats!!

Blessed mum said...

you are so lucky!!!

btw, got a tag for you here:

wen said...

i am beginning to dislike u already cause u keep on winning so manny goodies! haha! just kidding! congrats wor! another winning! have u tried buying 4D?

Jacss said...

hey irene, so what's the update on the tour to High5?? the price & anymore complimentary tickets ahh??