Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thaipusam parade, kids activities, housechores, chocolate puddings & more...

Since daddy is away outastation for golf with a group of friends frm Penang, mommy had to babysit the four of us alone today.

First she drove us out purposely to welcome the traffic jam in order to let us watch closely the Thaipusam parade & kavadi bearers (which is a sure No No if daddy is around because daddy hates crowded & jammed places). Then she sent us twins Daniel & Dennis to taekwando lessons & mei mei Jasmine to KinderBear music lesson at Susan cheh che's studio. Juliana didnt want to follow as she prefers to stay at home & sleep (emmm this girl really has her own character).

Back home, mommy vaccumed & washed her MPV & wiped the interior with antibacterial multi surface cleaner. After that she vaccum the carpets in the house & did all the laundry before picking us up for lunch.

We had lunch at this coffeeshop called YAT YAT SENG where one can find yummy Kai Si Hor Fun (stripped chicken kueh teow soup) which taste better than the commercialised Low Wong nga choy kai in town (where most tourists would go.)Susan cheh cheh was also there for thier famous Chicken rice that comes with free soup .

After lunch , mommy went round the neighbourhood to distribute the chocolate puddings that she made yesterday to our close friends.

Knock knock...daddy is home at last frm his golf! Yippeee it will be family time again tonight.
So what's cooking? Probably mommy's spaghetti our all time favourite..this time seafood spaghetti.
Then may be we will go for a cinema show (mommy won 3 tickets for Golden screen cinema show).
Having said all the above planned items, it will still be weather dependant.!

Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!


Charmaine Sim said...

I had wanted to bring my kids down to see the parade too in Singapore but daddy said to avoid crowded area given my current state..

It must be a wonderful experience to be so up close!

Angeline said...

that guo tiao soup....the CHOCOLATE pudding!!! AAhhhh.... I'm hungry now!

reanaclaire said...

hi Renet...coming back here to read yr latest posts.. u r with govt too? perhaps we know each other? maybe one day can bump unto u in IPOH.. i used to go yat yat seng too for bfast and lunch...
anyway,wanna say nice posts u hv over here esp yr girl's passion to blog.. like mother like daughter..

huisia said...

staying there like can have a lot of yummy foods to eat, how i wish i could eat those foods!

eugene said...

Hi Irene,

Bongflo,asked me to tell you that he would be out blogging for a while to settle some issues, and he would be back as soon as he can.

he said "thank you" for all your kind comments to him, said he appreciated it

since when i became a messenger, but no worries, always for a good cyber friend

Jacss said...

wuah..nice pudding fr lovely mumy, no deliver here ahh??
what...u won tickets again...gee so envy!!!
btw, i missed ipoh kai si hor farn!!