Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Ang Ku Wholesaler in Ipoh

That evening before PAi Ti Kong, I went to an Ang Ku wholesaler with my auntie.

This is what we saw in that crowded shop that makes ang ku in bulk.

Apparently, most of the ang ku in trays were already pre-ordered. Since auntie only wanted to buy a few..they have enough to spare us.

There was a machine to make the greenpea paste & another that mix the ang ku dough.

Emmm indeed very eye opening for a first timer like me to visit this shop.

Besides Ang Ku, they also have these kuehs for the offerings during pai ti kong:


Angeline said...

I love Ang Ku Kueh!
I love the peanuts fillings, not so much of the bean paste fillings.

BongFlo said...

looks delicious all these makan. thanks for the visit irene... no plans of celebrating valentines, maybe with my kids only, go malling i suppose. and btw, i really don't celebrate CNY, but i should because i have a quarter of chinese blood running through my veins. my grandfather from my mother side is pure chinese from shanghai. be happy and stay happy my friend, ciao!

reanaclaire said...

hi, i m from IPOH, can u tell me where this angku wholeseller is? looks like along Tuck Kee Restaurant, is it? can u tell me where? i love to eat those too.. thanks.. pls give me a msg in my chatbox ...thanks again..

Tammy said...

The ones of the bottom look very pretty!

huisia said...

i guess pai ting gong sure a very famous activity there!

Happy CHinese New Year to you and your family

Bengbeng said...

i love ang ku kueh from Ipoh. over here the skin is a little dryer n more rough. u do meditation often too?