Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feb 8, 09 Thaipusam Celebration in Ipoh

Today is Thaipusam Public Holiday for our Perak state & some other states in the country.

Whenever there's crowd due to any celebration, daddy would sure avoid the crown or traffic jam. Not for mommy , though. This is the first time mommy welcomes traffic jam or slow dwn in traffic in order for us to get a chance to view Indian uncles carry kavadis during today's Thaipusam procession.

Mommy actually followed the slow moving cars in order to catch a closer glimpse at these people & take pictures frm her camera phone as she was driving.

Take a look:


Angeline said...

Your dad and mom is very much like me and my hubby....

renet13 said...

Yes Charmaine's mommy,
it was a great experience indeed. Some of the Indians even wanted to Tumpang(get a lift) frm me.
Lucky i locked my car.,My kids were rather scared to see the long steel poked through the bearer of kavadi's mouth.