Friday, February 13, 2009

LOVE is in the AIR!

Nothing beats sharing your love & spreading love to the less fortunate people.

On Valentines' eve, I spent half an hour with a group of strokees (people who had stroke) in a National Stroke Association, making Valentine roses & card.

Besides trying to make them exercise their hands, my aim was to stimulate their Right brain & also give them a chance to learn how to appreciate their love ones (their spouses for those who still have) & express their love to them.

BTW, I'm also encouraging them to be environmental friendly because the container for the flowers is actually a milk powder scoop & we also used recycle new year cards for the hearts.

In the process of arranging the flowers, I can see many of them are quite stereotype & do not have much Right brain power.

None the less, all of them enjoyed the Valentine artcraft session. Thks to volunteer Mrs Pauline(daughter to 2 strokees) for generously contributing her time, effort & the material for the artwrk. I really appreciate her for being there with me despite having to look after both her parents who have stroke.

What touches my heart was a few of the male strokees actually put in great effort in decorating the Valentine Card & writing beautiful & sweet wrds to their wife. One of them is this Uncle S who travels all the way frm Batu Gajah (about 30 mins drive frm this centre). He joking said to me "I'm afraid after giving this card with loving message & these roses to my beloved wife, she may not be able to sleep tonight!

Another strokee who couldnt speak nor drive after his stroke has gained so much improvement just within 2 months, designed a card for his wife , too. Unfortunately, he couldnt spell his wife's name properly.

Earlier, hubby & I had the intention to do something special & more meaningful for Valentine rather than spending a bomb on candlelight dinner. So we had the idea of sponsoring two 3 yr olds (a boy & a girl) frm an Orphanage home just for half a day to spend time with them & with our own 4 kids. We were so disappointed when the home Manager did not allow this for whatever reason.

So both of us have decided to gather a few other couples & just take a break & have a simple dinner at a friend's cafe to support her tonight.

So what is your Valentine's plan for tonight?
Are you one who is willing to spend money on flowers & gifts to express your love? Or are you the typical one who say "Aiyah evryday oso can b Valentine's Day lah..why want to be victims to cut throat merchants for spending so much on roses on this particular Day?

Have fun & let's all feel love & give love! Those of you who dont celebrate..what the heck just have a great weekend.


Mummy to QiQi said...

so nice of you to be there to help there. Happy valentine's day to you!

Kristie said...

happy v-day to u and ur family too... no plans yet, most prob just go out for dinner :)

nice of the uncle to do that, so sweet.

mommy to chumsy said...

it is really great what you did, Irene. You really brighten up the day of those strokees :D

MeRy said...

Happy Vtine day!!

Angeline said...

Nice! What a meaningful Valentine's eve for you guys!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tammy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jacss said...

hey irene, kudos to you on the welfare work...really rare to find such big hearted ppl like u!! hope i can have 1/2 of what u had to offer..
as of now, i no longer fancy abt valentine's celebration & yes, no way i'm gonna appreciate exp've flowers on such occasion, gimme d cash...i'll be happily utilise it elsewhere, hahaha!!
ok ma....u guys still got valentine's dinner, not bad!!

Charmaine Sim said...

A very meaningful way to spent your V day!! And they are so well make!

HN said...

What you did is very meaningful and sweet! Nice blog you have here too :)

wen said...

thats very nice of u doing charity