Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daddy , hang on & keep your fighting spirit, we pray for you.

My beloved daddy (our kids Ah Kong) is critically ill & ventilated in the high dependency unit at the general hospital yesterday.

He was not well & has been in & out hospital since last December.

First he was admitted for short or breath & irregular heart beat.
Pacemaker was done at Pantai private hospital.

Then he has low blood count. Reading was 4.
Blood transfusion was done.Reading went up to 12 when he was 1st discharge frm Pantai.

A month later same symptoms..pale , lethargic, poor appetite & losing weight but still could walk.
Admitted General Hospital.
Blood transfusion done. Blood under investigation.Was discharged as doctor couldnt find anything abnormal about his blood & treated him as Iron & Vit. B12 deficiency.

With the iron & B12, poor dad suffered frm constipation & doctor gave lactose(oily stuff to ease his bowel).

After taking that, he purged pulak. Not only diarrhoe, he has vomiting spell. That weaken him & finally he became pale & short of breath. Walking is laboured.

Yesterday mrning, while coming out frm the toilet, he suddenly weakened & collapsed. He had saliva discharge++ frm the right angle of his mouth, eyes glazed upwards & no response(blank look).
Mum called me. At that time I just finished making breakfast for my kids (while my hubby was having meeting outstation)

When i arrived at dad's place I immediately thgt he had a stroke. Though I;ve called the ambulance frm my house but upon seing his condition, I remembered that stroke has to be attended very urgently. Without much ado, I just grab him by the armpit & chest (I really didnt knw where i got my strength at that moment)& got my brother to carry his knees, put him into his car & drove to Pantai Hospital.

As the doctor was resuscitating him(giving CPR), I related to him what happened & about his condition (of course at that time I ignored the nurses who kept asking me to wait outside the emergency room). I thgt who was the better person if nt me to keep telling the dctor while he did his job attending to my dad. I'm sure that would have made it easier for the doctor to make investigations , run blood test immediately, treated his dehydration, correct his electrolite imbalance.
When I was carrying dad in the car, his eyes was opened & glazing upwards throughout the journey frm home until the traffic light near Pantai hospital. At the traffic light, he just shut his eyes & I heard no heartbeat.

Reaching the emergency, we rush him dwn & the the doctor did what I mentioned above. I was told dad's heart has stopped beating & the team had to shock him 6X to get back the pulse & blood pressure. The reading showed 89/30 mmHg . HR is regulated by his pacemaker about 69 bpm. He needed to breath with ventilatory support. Once he was stabilised at Pantai, we requested him to be transported to General Hospital as he is a government pensioner. Staying in Pantai with ventilatory support would cost about RM2K per day just for the machine (exclude other charges). When we settled the bill at Pantai just for the emergency treatment, the bill came out to be RM2,900. OMG , how could we afford the long term charges.!
That's the reason why I suggested him to be nursed & cared in GH with more specialist & staff & for him is almost free. At least we hope if he pulls through this critical stage & be consciuos again, we could save the financial part for his long term rehabilitation. Doctor told that his condition has poor recovery & he may be in vegetable stage even if he managed to wean off the ventilatory support. they have tried their best to pump in the 3 iontropes to help his whole system function.

We are not giving up, so "Di", pls hang on there!. We pray for you.We all love you very much!
We pray that if your time is up, God please take you without you having to suffer. If you are meant to live on to enjoy your grandkids & family, please let you recover functionally & not be in vegetable stage.

It was my dad's wish to go without suffering & has told us not to let doctor resuscitate him if his life is gonna depend on the ventilator to live in vege state. But how could we just let it be when his condition worsens?

Dear bloggers & readers, I hope all of you can help me pray for my beloved dad, too.

Thank you & God Bless!


Something About Us said...

get well soon Uncle !! please be strong and will be keeping you in my prayers.

Physiomom, you have to take care of yourself too ok.

Creative B Bee said...

Take care!!! Hope he wil be get well soon. You really brave too....if i'm the one at the circumstane i think I pengsan first. Luckily hv GH. In S'pore here what I know the bill GH and private not much difference...

Angeline said...

oh dear! It sounds really bad, really bad... stay strong girl... daddy needs you to stay strong!

keeping your 'di' in my prayers... keep us updated ok.

jacss said...

dear irene, praying for yr dady's recovery ....u got to take good care too!!

mommy to chumsy said...

so sorry to hear about your dad. i'll be praying for his speedy recovery. you take care too.

wen said...

i hope that God will heal ur dad with HIS powerful hands and that ur dad will get stronger and stronger each day.

Jess said...

Hope your dad get well soon.

Dawn said...

Hi Irene,

I'm sorry to hear about your dad's condition. I hope he will pull through this stage. I will keep your dad in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Shannon's Mummy said...

Hang On there.. I prayed everything will turn out fine..

Kristie said...

Will pray for you, stay strong.