Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Visited the Ang Ku shop again

I went back to the ANG Ku shop again to buy some variety of kueh & angku for some strokees to eat during one evening tea time.

This time the shop is not as pack as the previous visit during PAi Ti Kong.

In fact with no crowd, I managed to get more close up pics & even managed to capture the angku processing on a conveyor belt.

Take a look at these pics..I bet u will be drooling away.

1)Ang(red) Ku, che ku (green) and purple ku:

Other kueh also available are as follows:
wun cai ko (green & redbean)

lampau udang

kau chang ko (9 layer kueh)

egg tarts

kueh koci

chin tui

sweet potato crackers(purple & orange)

cucur udang

..and I must say the angku & other kuehs are dirt cheap compared to other shops in commercial areas. (50 to 60 cents per piece & quite huge piece, too)


Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...see also so tempting la...they let u go and take pic ah?

Kristie said...

OMG... all of them looks so good... i love egg tarts!

wen said...

drooling liao but fattening for me ler..

Angeline said...

the jiu-cheng-kao is lots of hardwork... to me lah... seen them make it before...yet I could just gobble down their blood-and-sweat in one mouth *ashamed*

Alicia said...

wow so much varieties... reli looks yummy!

eugene said...

Dear Irene,

You begin to give an impression that you are the big boss of the Ang Ku Shop,,, your visit is to supervise right ? hahahahahah.

ok,if that's not yours, may be you were there to steal some secret recipe to open a new shop..

great weekend to you .

SueSue said...

Angku also got wholesaling!!! Really terror.