Sunday, February 8, 2009

My little girl oso wanna blog at age3

I couldnt believe my ears when my 3 yr old Jasmine asking for my cameraphone & telling her 4 yr old cheh cheh Juliana to take her pics..for what???

Jasmine: Cheh wait ah I ask mommy for her camera first ah..the u take photos for me.

Jasmine : Mommy may i borrow your camera ?

Mommy: Why?

Jasmine: I want cheh cheh to take my pictures....I want to put in my blog.

Mommy (dumbfounded): Your blog? You have a blog meh?

Jasmine : Yes...let me show you.(pointing at her personal laptop)

Gosh ..i didnt knw that my blogging passion & interest had creeped into her.

Mommy: Daddy , maybe I should start teaching her to blog hoh? Let her blog her own diary.
Daddy: No lah..she is still too young
(but in mommy's heart I believe Jasmine will surely be able to do it if we really put our hearts to teach her...oni fear is that she may accidentally remove some computer data for us..HahHA!)

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Angeline said...

Like Mommy, Like Daughter!