Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vegetarian dough (min kan)

This post is especially dedicated to my faraway 6th auntie in United Kingdom who has long waited for this recipe of making a vegetarian dough (called MIN KAN in Cantonese).

This vegetarian dough step by step instructions are courtesy of my 3rd auntie in Ipoh.

This is how you create the VEGETARIAN DOUGH (which u can later mould into Vegetarian Fish Ball, Char Siew, Chicken, etc)

Ingredients :
1 packet of Flour (preferably this brand:)


Method :
1. Pour flour into a container.

2. Make a well in the centre of the flour.


3. Add a bit of water and salt into flour.

4. Knead the dough. Gradually add a little water till
dough forms a 'lump'.

5. Keep kneading the dough till it forms into a 'paste'

6. Put the dough paste into a basin.

7. Slowly add in water to cover the rim of the dough paste.

8. Using your right hand fingers, rinse water onto the dough paste
(You should see traces of powdery flour sieving out from the dough
paste. The water turns chalky white)
9. Pour away the chalky white water. Add in clean water again.
10. Rinse the dough paste with clean water again.

11. Repeat few times until dough paste becomes smaller & smaller.

12. Feel the dough texture. The result is best when dough paste is
'stretchable' when pull.

13. Make into small lumpy pieces.
14. Get ready a pot of boiling water. Boil the small lumpy pieces.
15. Cook your desired dishes of vegetarian curry chicken using the
small lumpy pieces.


khongfamily said...

Hi! Thanks for the steps in making 'min kan'. I was taught by my aunty on how to do it but then I still haven't got the chance to try it on my own. Now you have step-by-step instructions for me to follow make it easier for me :).

suesue said...

Wah I love min kan but hor how come no need to deep fried it ah? I will try to make some this coming weekend. Haha