Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Outing (2)- Visit to the World's Largest Buddha Relics & Tibetan Antiques Cultural Exhibition

Thks to uncle Asokan who informed me about this great exhibition.

Have you ever seen Buddha's blood, flesh & bone relics? here they are:

This is God of Prosperity (some may call him Choy Sun Yeh):

The kids also had their chance to bathe the Little Buddha & got blessings from the Tibetan Monks who sprinkled holy rice over us & gave us sweets & candies.

It was indeed a very interesting, eye opening & knowledgeable event both for us as parents as well as for my 4 kids. The best thing is admission to this great exhibition is FREE!As today is the last day of the exhibition, we were told that the organiser will fly back all the relics & antiques back to their places of origin like Taiwan & Singapore, etc.

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