Sunday, August 16, 2009

Attended A Play workshop on A Sunday!

Yes indeed I attended a Play workshop today to learn how to play of course.

You will be surprised how much our kids and we as adults have neglected ourselves from "playing" these days due to hectic working & schooling timetable.

In this workshop, we were exposed to ideas of many types of Play to enhance our kids' knowledge as well as bonding between the parents and the children.

Nowadays it's so hard to find time to play...not like our childhood ,our parents' childhood & the childhood of many generations ago. All kids know how to play are digital games nowadays. Same goes for adults whose toys or game are mainly in the facebook or blogging!. Shake head..what a shame to be one of them in this category.

How often do mothers really allow their kids to play with water colours, play dough, let them sweat out at the park & be with them in the wet pool often enough to know what they really like? Do we allow them to help out in the kitchen instead of "No No , go out and dont disturb me or mess up things here!

Well today I relearn how to play again & to accept that "It's OK to let my kids to mess a bit in the playing process!

I'm glad to realise that my messy & cluttered hall shows that my kids enjoy playing but I need to spend more time playing with them instead of facebooking & blogging.


Lian said...

Yes, it takes a lot of will power to shut down the computer and go play with the kids. Many times you feel tired just cooking and cleaning up after them that you want to escape into your own world.

reanaclaire said...

Yes, spending quality time with them is a bonus in the future.. i failed to neglect that during my younger days, i worked and worked.. only have time for them during the short hours at night.. but thank God, they are still wonderful kids!

Angeline said...

Being a kid again eh?
I'm glad you enjoyed it. cos some parents are just to uptight and dunno how to be a kid again....

Tammy said...

Looks like fun! :o)