Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wet wet surprise today!

If u read my previous post, we thought of giving the kids a surprise by taking them out today. The few ideas were either one of the following:
1) Pony ride at the equestrian club
2) Kek Lok Tong (cave) playground & water lily pond
3) Kuan Yin temple/cave

However, due to the non stop rain & wet day , we were kind of tied down at home after lunch at A-shore cafe.

Then we decided to have home KARAOKE but couldnt find the remote last everyone just laze around doing their own stuff.
Mommy clearing the house.
Daddy reading.
Twins pillow fight.
Gals play with toys& messing up.

Ohh rain rain when will you stop & go away??

Hope tomorrow will be a better weather and hope our plans wont be ruined again like today!

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MeRy said...

It is still good to spend quality time at home together.