Sunday, August 30, 2009

School Holiday & Merdeka Eve Picnic

Good weather..succesful picnic today. Yes!!!

I invited my old classmate Jas & her family to join mine. I made Nasi Tak Lemak with sambal cuttlefish & tamarind sardine with fried egg, fried aome burgers, sausages & POPCorn chicken, while Jas' made fried mee hoon & made sandwiches.we also had snack like Chickadees & Mamee monster.

The kids had fun flying the kites, played badminton, blowed bubbles & running all over.

Simple & economical outing, great fellowship & family bonding...better than going to enclosed/ indoor places during this H1N1 pandemic, rite?


Health Freak Mommy said...

Looks like a fun picnic with so much food. Was that Polo Ground?

MeRy said...

Picnic.....nice outing. I have not been in picnic-ing for so long...Hope someone will invite me to a picnic again.

jacss said...

u r absolutely right, outing with fresh open air is definitely more healthy at this moment....sounds nice & fun :D hahaha "nasi tak lemak"