Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's school holiday adventure

This morning's weather was cloudy but not wet in the morning.

Mommy & daddy decided to take us out for more adventurous outing today. Joining us in our small MPV were AhMa(mom's mommy) and our cousins Yi wern & Hong Hong.

But first we went to market to buy some stuff for prayers for Hungry ghost 9this month is Ghost festival month). Grandma & mommy bought all the things needed to offer prayers to the deceased ancestors and for Ah Kong (both mommy & daddy's dad) tomorrow.

Then after a very light breakfast, we began our journey to Gua Tempurung (a cave about 30 minutes drive from where we stay). On our way, we stopped at Restaurant Embassy for early lunch.

These are some of the dishes we ordered to go with rice:

1) Ginger chicken
2) Cuttlefish & Kangkung with satay sauce
3) Choon Kuen (Lobak- spring roll)
4) Steam 3 types of egg(century, chicken & salted egg)
5) In house fried stuffed taufu

When we arrived, it was Friday prayers' time and we had to wait for about 1 and a half hours for the group tour. While waiting we explored the nearby vicinity. Here are some of the slide pictures:

After playing for a while at the playground near the cave, daddy decided not to wait & move on to another cave as it was about to drizzle. We then headed for the Kuan Yin cave nearer to the city.

After that we drive along other cave temples along the way before going to our next stop- Drive thru at Mc Donalds for sundae cones!

Free & easy , happy & fun !


MeRy said...

Nice outing...

jazzmint said...

haha..i like that pic of the 2 girls eating ice cream LOL