Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunglasses, accessories & jewellery for any occasions

If you dig into a ladies' handbag, I'm sure you will find at least one of these accessories :make up, sunglasses, hosiery or even some jewellery.

Talking about sunglasses, do you know exactly how to choose sunglasses with proper UV light protection; ascertain which designs would suit your face (and not looking bug- like) or just merely pocket friendly in price? If you need some guidance on safety tips when choosing a pair of sunglasses, you need to read here.

With the current increase in crime rates like snatch-thefts & robberies, do you have confidence in wearing jewelleries as casual as you like when going out or going to work and attending formal functions? If jewellery is your best friend no matter what occasion, then this is the right place for you. Jewellery is a must when Chinese family has a wedding occasion. Parents of the bride and groom will not be spared to shop for jewellery for their children who are getting married.

Since this month is a ghostly month in the Chinese lunar calendar, perhaps there will less Chinese wedding in Malaysia during this month, thus less demand for jewellery especially gold. However, people can still shop for jewellery for their loved ones or friends for occasions like birthdays, fullmoon celebration for babies, wedding anniversaries or just simply for no reason. I seriously don't mind having one of these jewelleries from my hubby for no reason or maybe as a token of appreciation for being his wife & mother to his 4 kids. Just hope he will not get a fake on online if he decided to get me this particular one that I like (picture below). LOL!!

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BongFlo said...

hello irene! big thanks for your visit at my site. i really miss blogging na, especially the friendship that my cyber buddies has given me. i still do not have internet connection at home, it has been quite a while that i wasn't able to follow up on my application for a connection. now, i am replying to you via internet cafe. really miss browsing through the sites that i used to frequent. i really envy you so much because you seem to be a very caring mom to your kids and a loving wife to your hubby, guess we cannot have evrything in this world, for the moment, i am super busy in my dual role as "daddy&mommy" to my kids and of course busy earning a living for my kids, myself included. please continue praying for me and my kids especially now that my business and only source of income is in peril. i wish everything will turn out for the better soon. again, thank you the friendship and thanks for the visit. i hope to be back soon and let you all in on what's happening with our lives. ciao!