Saturday, August 1, 2009

Help! I need ideas to clear clutters by kids at home!

Just cleared one corner , they start creating another mess else ants making nests!

These are my little chicky girls who are fond of making clutters at home for their domestic slave mom to clear.

Why oh why kids like to mess up their home?

Juliana loves to create packages of schoolbags here & there.
When asked to clear her things, she will migrate all her mess to another corner and tells you that she has cleared the part you wanted her to do. (Hammering myeslf!!)

Jasmine is also learning from her nowadays.

any great suggestions how to make the tidiness last longer after each time I clear the clutter/mess?


Jess said...

My two little girls also like to mess up their space, but they are trained to clean up after that.

Blessed mum said...

My girls are trained to clear their own stuff away neatly, cos they know that if mommy sees anything messy lying around, it will be into the dustin.

they will periodically clear their own drawers too.

jacss said...

apart fr training them, i can't really advise you coz my current solution is 'kakak', LOL!!
it really can be an eyesore, hor