Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Went to pasar malam tonite after almost 8 months...

Routine was sooo monotonus & tight that i just realised I've not been to any pasar Malam in the neighbourhood for the past 8 months.

Gosh..the amount of new stuff, great bargains & fanciful stuff there just cheer me up but the aftermath..lubang(hole) in the pocket after spending so much in one night.

Nevertheless, i felt great & managed to destress for a moment while my hubby babysitted my 4 kids while I went and catch up with an old classmate while shopping there.

I must make a point to at least for once a month to create some space for myself from taxing routine & take a break!!!

So what did I spent on tonight?

Hair accessories , stickers, nick nacks for my princesses,

food stuff, shoes, hair accessories for myself,

sword fish for my garden pond

popiah for my hubby

Thk God that was about it after my self control & discipline on spending!


Angeline said...

We are huge fans of pasa malam!!

reanaclaire said...

hi.. blog visiting from IPOH... came from GG's blog...

thinking back, i also havent been to pasar malam for ages...definitely more than 8 months... last time when kids were younger, used to go, beli lap lap chap chap... now economy no good, better stay home... can reduce weight too :)