Friday, August 7, 2009

What's your outfit for work and for casual?

Depending on the kind of profession and work you do, different women have different preferences in their dressing to suit the occasions.

If you are in corporate line, are you the one for Suits? If yes, would you prefer suit skirt or suit pants? Me, neither!! Thankfully in my profession, I don't need to wear such formal & boring outfits!

Instead, I'm more for "Business Casual Wear" that make me looking relax at work yet neat and pulled together.This type of business casual wear falls into the middle ground between formal wear ( suits and dresses) and street wear!! They go perfectly with my lab coat at work.

What about for weekends casuals? I'm sure many who have to wear uniforms & formal clothings for working days , would go all out for weekend casual outfits- be it when you are at home, on shopping errands, dropping the kids off at a friend's house, hanging around for some relaxation, or even going out on the town? My favourite would be cotton spaghetti stripe Tshirts with cotton short pants or jeans!!

So do you favour any partiicular clothings designers?

I feel so lucky to stay in Malaysia where I can enjoy summer clothings all the time here!

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