Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our simple Saturday

I had to run some errands in the morning & chauffer mum to buy fruits & food for offerings to dad & other deceased ancestors at the Kek Lok Seah temple at 1.30pm today.

After all the errands were done, we went out for ala carte lunch at the Wooley food court. Some ordered Vietnamese Chicken chop rice, some had Penang fried kueh tiaw, some had spaghetti & sizzling pan mee. We "ta pau" (takeaway some of my dad's favorite dishes & rice in a tiffin carrier to offer him at the temple)

After lunch we proceeded to Kek Lok Seah temple for the prayers.

After the prayers, we adjourned home & spent time at home as it was drizzling again.

At night I cooked these for my family:

1) Ku low Yook (Sweet Sour Mini Pork chops)

2) Tauchu Taufu On Taufu (First deep fry 3 taufu. Use one of it & mashed it up to cook with minced meat & tauchu, then pour back onto the fried ones)

3) Drunked Popeye (spinach with chinese cooking wine)

For tomorrow picnic: nasi lemak with tamarind sardine, & sambal cuttlefish,

Will fry burgers, sausages , popcorn chicken & fried eggs tomorrow morning itself.

Stay tune on my next post on the Picnic.

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