Sunday, March 30, 2008

My gals and their cheapo play to occupy themselves

After the imaginary playground, my gals came home and started having more creative play moments between themselves. Since their ko ko (twins) more fond of playing bwteen themselves, these two gals became closer to each other in terms of conversation and playtime. They've become the best of playmates. Perhaps God has blessing in disguise when he made me conceived Jasmine by "accident". A good companion for Juliana since the girls age gap is big with their ko ko.

Juliana came out with her own version of Popping My Bubble game. She would make a big bubble with her mouth and ask Jasmine to pop and burst it. I'm very amused by them...entertaining themselves when their brothers were busy with their own Bubblebreaker PC game and ignored them.

Look how Juliana made her bubble for Jasmine to pop.
Wow not bad if they continue to creating new games their economical way to save mummy' pocket. Right?


Health Freak Mommy said...

Yup, they can save you lots of money by coming up with their own games!

jazzmint said...

whoa...4 children, and 2 girls 2 boys...perfect!! Thanks for linking me. You must be a super duper mom, after 4 lovely kids