Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vacation turned creative activities at home

Yes, as I mentioned in my previous post, I'm maidless and had to clean the house. My hubby said achool holidays need not be spending time and money on vacation. We can spend time at home doing things together with our kids.So here's what they did while poor mummy be the maid for the day:
1) Preparing their own set breakfast: French Toast the Malaysian way and Apple Juice
Easy recipe for kids to have hands on at the kitchen. all you need are the following:
* A multipurpose electric cooker
* some oil
* beaten eggs
* pinch of salt
* bread
* honey and strawberry jam

The rest of the instruction..i'm sure you already know. Let the slides speak for itself.

My twins also created and made their very own "banana flavoured popsikel" from ice-cream mould, water and crushed banana..and shared with their sisters. The Elmo's spirit of "learning to share", indeed!

It was simple yet fun for the kids. The twins were also trained to wash dishes as they are old enough now (8yrs +).

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suesue said...

Hey my little girl also loves helping me around when I did my baking. Well I think its a great activities at home and they have fun doing it too.