Friday, April 4, 2008

mummy's convo..dont knw what to wear?

Yup, tmrw is my convo. At last ...after extending 1 extra year from the time I did my degree in Applied Rehab ( when I was pregnant with Jasmine my youngest of four kids. It really feels like AGES.

Feelng very "kan cheong" and excited. Bringing my parents and kids along for my convo to make my parents proud and my kids to look up on mummy as role model.

But dont knw what to wear. Some say better wear pants..more profesional and formal. Some say wear collar blouse, some say wear gown .!
The requirment is wear national costume.

Anyway took few suits of clothings to see which will suit the robe. What did mummies out there wear on their convo?


Mommy to Chumsy said...

don't forget to take lots of pics, eh?

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oops..forgot to say this - CONGRATS to you ;) You must be really excited eh?

jazzmint said...

wow u can still go study...salute u!!

renet13 said...

Hi Barb & Jazzmint,
Thanks for dropping by again. You make my blog alive.I'm very glad and relief that the great convo day is finally here. It was in the Star (University of Teeside)5 April 2008. Wont tell you which one is me..but hint hint one of the 2 who got 1st class honours. Ha Ha. I OWE all this to God's blessings for great fmly support and a reliable maid who gives me peace of mind to study away frm home at that time.