Sunday, March 30, 2008

sunday banking for us, play gym for the gals

Did our Sunday banking today. While the boys wanted to stay home to watch movies, the gals followed us to the bank. As hyperactive as their
ko ko, they cant sit still as usual. The gals started climbing all over and in between the banking chairs. Jasmine my 2 yrs old exclaimed.."Look mummy ! This is my new playground!" as she climbed over the metal of the chair. Juliana my 3 yr old then started swinging around in their imaginary playground.

Though they were making quite a bit of noise in the bank, I was not annoyed but happy that my gals were very imaginative and could come out with imaginary "playground" to occupy themselves when their mum and dad were busy with their banking.

Take a look at them:
Do your kids do that, too..having their imaginary games at times?

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