Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My maid didnt come back as scheduled

Oh my god! What happenned to my maid? She supposed to catch her return flight by Air Asia from Jakarta to ICCT K.L. But she didnt check in. I happened to knw when i called up Air Asia call centre to confirm her boarding the flight. Apparently Air Asia cancelled the flight and rescheduled another. However she didnt catch any of the following flights. Supposed to have arrive by Yoyo bus at 3am this morning. Still no sign of her.

Me panic liau. Starting tracing my phone bills for last number she dialled out. Thank God managed to get her contact in Indon (her friend). I managed to speak to my maid. She claimed that she fainted when she arrived in Palembang after Air Asia's flight was delayed from K.L to Jakarta. She had to wait till next morning without food until the next morning (7 hours) before she could catch a flight to Palembang. At the transit she couldnt get access to food and drink. The immigration didnt allow her to carry her own drink. So she pengsan and her handphone was stolen. Some good samaritan sent her to hospital and police manages to trace her contact in Indon from her contact details in her travelling bag.

I praise the power of Universe for the great light to lead me to this information. I was worried sick and didnt have good nite sleep wonderig what happened to her.

I have to leave home for course in K.L 3 days today. Had to seek help from my close relatives to take care of my 4 muskeeters until my hubby (who also works outstation) to be back. My maid still have yet to call back as there were no flight confirmed yet.

Air Asia reimbursed 50% for the cancellation of flight and she has to board MAS because Air Asia seats are fully booked.

I'm thankful that she is alright and will be home to be with us soon. Or else just cant imagine the hassle having to take unpay leave and train up the new maid and be on waiting list, blah blah blah..


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, thanks for dropping by my blog :D Your kids are lovely. thanks for your suggestion on how to help ashley overcome her fear :D

Health Freak Mommy said...

Can your maid be trusted or not? Sorry, but the story appears phony wor. ANyway, hopefully she will come back to your family. Good luck!