Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wahlau! still got CNY left overs!

When cleaning the house, found out that there are still one box of Mandarin oranges in the fridge and boxes /tins of cookies in the cupboard.

How to finish them huh? Some were give to us in hampers..some my m.I.L bought..

Any creative recipes to get rid of those oranges?? Sayanglah to throw.Still good.


suesue said...

Aiyor the oranges I also cannot help it la. My house still got two boxes leh and so many bottle of unopened cookies given by my supplier and customers. I just donated to the orphanage home last week.

renet13 said...

Sue Sue..the thing is those oranges and cookies were not much enough to be given to orphanage but too much for us to finish. Dilemma lah. Mayb discard the skin and dry them to make hong tau sah. then the fruit make punch loh. As for cookies have to slowly finish them.