Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jasmine c.pox vs Juliana c.pox

Jasmine finally has fever as expected like her one year older sis Juliana.
Fortunately she behaves well and easy to handle. Probably because she already seen how her sister was managed for her condition. Giving her PCM to control her fever, sponging and puting calamine lotion is all my maid and I need to do.

You notice the sponging was done on her neck as advised by her doctor with the rationale thet there are more blood vessels near the neck and this would cool them down faster as compared to the forehead region.

The main difference i noticed is in the lesions. Ju has them all over especially face and the back. Jasmine on the other hand has more on the vagina area and less on the body. maybe too soon to say.. will continue to monitor her.

lucky i'm on leave for the school holidays. might need to cancel vacation plans as jasmine needs attention and my maid has to go back urgently to settle some "will " problem in jakarta.


Health Freak Mommy said...

This looks really bad! Hope your girls get well very soon.

Wen said...

that's quite a lot for such a young child isnt it? i did not hv this much when i was 9yrs. but it also depends on each child. hope she is already well by now.. poor girl..
i really salute you, u have 4 kids and breastfed twins for 2 yrs!!?? wasnt it tough and stressful??!! good job tho...!!

renet13 said...

thanks shireen and wen for ur kind concern. As mothers, i'm sure u agree we will sacrifice everthing for our kids especially when they are sick.Just motherly love naturally. Glad Jasmine is doing fine though she looks "un pretty" with the lesions. For a 2yr old, she is tough undergoing this chic pox bzness!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Hi Renet,
U know how happy I am to "discover" another mummy of twins. There are so much things to learn about twin pregnancy, and I guess later on twin children's behaviour + lots lots more that I think only a mom of a twin would understand...

Am so happy, at least i know who to look for or talk to in future...hope to find out more from you :)