Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Maidless for 3 days...school holidays vacation cancelled

Gosh being on leave is more tiring than going to work.
That's because I'm maidless for 3 days. Maid went back for some urgent matter to settle. I have to do housework not that I've not done before but can be quite difficult with the 4 musketeers around this school holidays.

Found a creative yet simple way to clean and wipe the floor without much bending and causing aching back. Just use an old towel, wet it and start working your legs.
Like this....

THis way it's faster. It can keep your back straight while toning your thighs as you move your hip left and right. or can also trim your buttock as you kick your leg back and forth with the cloth. Clean floor, good exercise for the hip muscles.

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