Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ju had chicken pox!

Ju with her dried up lesions.

When i was carrying Juliana at 8 weeks old in during my 2nd pregnancy, i contracted chicken pox from my twins boys who were about 5 yrs old then. So I thought Ju could have immunity and will not get the virus again.

I was proven wrong when 2 weeks ago, she came back from nursery with many ugly lesions which developed very fast all over her trunk, upper limbs , lower limbs, face and vagina area.

Having had the experience before, taking care of her this time was easier. Put calamine lotion and gave her paracetamol for her fever and antihistamine syrup for her itchiness. Her scalp had the worst problem. MAde sure her hair was washed everyday. Abstain her from nuts, black soya sauce and prevent her from scratching (or at least taught her how to scratch with her finger pulp instead of nails).

Thank God she is recuperating well. Should be able to go to school next week after 2 weeks of absence. Her teacher was nice enough to deliver her homework to her.

How did u manage chicken pox for your kids?


GarGies said...

My 2 sons had the pox some years ago. The marks were truly ugly, but however ugly it was, thank goodness it wasn't stubborn. Amazing how those marks can disappear so soon. So, that would be the same case for your kid. I'm sure you know that yourself, since you have the experience. So much difference for first-timers and repetitions, right?

Health Freak Mommy said...

Don't worry, the marks will fade since she's so young. I had a very bad bout of CP when I was 21 yrs old but now, there are not many scars left.