Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday special at home

Today breakfast I cooked porridge. The condiments included mini chicken chops, fried egg with spaghetti sauce & fried beansprout& long beans with oyster sauce.

Sorry forgot to take the pics as I was in a hurry to bring some of the porridge for a friend who is in hospital. She can only consume blended food.So I specially prepared some porridge with anchovies, mini chicken chop & vege in the porridge for his son to blend for her . Also made her some dragon fruit yogurt.Hope she gets well soon.

As for lunch, I cook rice & 3 dishes:
1) chicken satay with peanut sauce,
2) cincalok mix vege (brinjal, cucumber, tomatoes with cincalok)
3) fried fish with soya sauce

As for dinner, me on strike...we ate outside at the gourmet square.
Hubby & myself had dried curry noodle with shredded chicken & prawn while the kids had nasi lemak.

Goodnight! Catch up next weekend.


Tammy said...

Yum sounds good! That was nice of you to bring some to your friend in the hospital. :o)

MeRy said...